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Image of Knobbley's Bark


Me and Old KnobbleySo why did I create a website about Old Knobbley the English Oak Tree? Well, I was inspired! What more can I say?

It's a stunning old tree, full of character. There are two large main branches on either side of the great trunk that appear to be arms raised to the sky. Take a look for yourself in the gallery.

Old Knobbley been growing for perhaps 800 years and is by far the oldest living thing I have ever met. 800 years, imagine that! My gran is in her 90s, the tree is 9 times older than my gran! Imagine all the things that have happened in the world while this tree has been growing.


When I first created the website, I wanted to inspire people to plant trees that could live as long as Old Knobbley. Trees are a critical part of the ecosystem. They provide food and shelter for numerous mammals and insects. They take carbon dioxide (a major greenhouse gas) from the atmosphere and store the carbon in the wood.

I hope Old Knobbley and this website inspires you to plant trees. The Earth is held in our custodianship. We need to try harder to combat climate change now or where will we be in 800 years time?

Old K

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