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Image of Knobbley's Bark

Books I am in and art I am on. Buy now with the following links or scroll down the page to find out the whys and wherefores ...

- - - or at The Works * (Currently at 8.99!) - Old Knobbley fine art print finally Old Knobbley Fine Art on Esty print.

Old Knobbley the oak tree

written and illustrated by Morag Embleton

Beautifully illustrated children's book about Old Knobbley. Available now!

A fabulous gift for young and old alike. Tree lovers everywhere will enjoy this book. Anyone who has climbed or hugged ancient trees, or even Old Knobbley himself, will treasure it.

This is a perfect lap book for sharing with young children and up. Then they'll enjoy reading it to themselves as they get older and someday will be wanting it to share with their little ones.

How to purchase the paperback book

£10 plus postage and packing, please email hello@oldknobbley.com to find out where to send your payment to and to let Morag know if you would like the book signed.

or from one of these popular websites ...


Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.Buy "Old Knobbley the Oak tree" on Lulu (don't forget to check the Lulu home page for occasional discount codes).

Old Knobbley book front cover

Pages: 48
Binding: Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior Ink: Full colour
Weight: 0.26 kg
Dimensions (centimeters): 21.59 wide x 21.59 tall

Note: Old Knobbley insisted that trees are planted to offset the paper used in the book, so for every two books purchased one tree will be planted with WeForest.org.

There is an ebook version too!

A pdf version of the Old Knobbley the Oak Tree book is now available at £2.99. Optimised for colour e-readers and computer screens this book is not suitable for printing.


By Chris Packham 11-June-2014 Letter from Chris Packham
Naturalist and BBC broadcaster

Dear Morag,
Thank you so much for the lovely book you sent me, you are right that not only is it a great book for children but will also make adults think next time they see a big old tree.
Wouldn't it be good if all trees could talk, what a story they would have to tell.
I do apologise for the amount of time it has taken for me to reply, I'm sure you can appreciate how busy I can be and the amount of post I receive.
Thank you again for such a lovely book, I'm sure many children and adults will enjoy reading it.
I hope you are enjoying Springwatch.
Best wishes
Chris Packham

By Rod leeds 24-Sep-2013 (5 stars!)

A colourful computer drawn book depicting the life of a venerable oak tree.My eight year old grand daughter was engrossed as she read the adventures of Old Knobbley's charmed life. There is an idiosyncratic and expanding time line in each episode of the story, some of which link back to events where this tree still survives in Essex. A refreshing tale with vibrant colour with text that does not talk down to children.

By Nicola Gerrard 26-Aug-2013 (5 stars!)
Yes one half of best selling author Nicci French*!

This lovely children's book about the life of an ancient oak tree (you can go and see it: it grows 'on a wood, on a hill, near a river, at the edge of the village of Mistley') contains a multitude of pleasure. For a start, it is beautifully illustrated, vivid and bold. And then, because we follow Knobbley's life from an acorn to the battered and hollowed-out tree it is now, it contains 800 years of English history - from the Magna Carta to the Second World War, taking in events like the Black Death, witches, the Gutenberg Press, Halle's comet and the telephone. At the same time, it is a nature book; Knobbley is a miniature eco-system, surviving fire, heat and ice; home to small animals; threatened by environmental change; resilient and enduring. A joy to read, look at, learn from.

By C Nunn 01-July-2013

Book has arrived, many thanks! I think my dad will love reading it to my little boy and then be able to go and show him the tree!

By Archie Miles 28-Jan-2013
(Author and photographer: Hidden Trees of Britain* - my first appearance in print and British Oak Trees* a beautiful and comprehensive book about the British Oak)

What a cracking little book - you've done a super job. I love p20/21 - comets and purple hairstreaks! I've seen a comet, but never in all these years a single purple hairstreak, let alone a dozen!

By A F Kearn 09-Oct-2012 (5 stars!)

As a teacher of five to six year olds I thought this book was lovely, both to read to them and also to read in my own right. I loved the mix of story, scientific and eco facts and history. It would be a great starting point to base many topics around. After reading it all I wanted to do was visit Mistley and try to find Old Knobbley! I shall certainly be using it as inspiration in my classroom in the very near future. Thank you.

By Hilary Furlong 17-Oct-2012 (5 stars!)

This enchanting book will captivate the imagination of children of all ages. As a teaching aid it will prove invaluable with its clear presentation linking an ancient tree to environmental and historical timelines. The subtle introduction of traditional woodland management skills, the effect of extremes of weather, the demise of some animal species and the arrival of others make Old Knobbley sit comfortably in his 800 year life. It is a book for a child to explore, it will stimulate discussion and it will encourage a love of trees and the planting of many acorns.

By Mary Limond 10-Sep-2012 (5 stars!)

"Old Knobbley the Oak Tree" by Morag Embleton is a truly lovely book. It cleverly combines ecology, history and biology in a charming format, making it perfect for cross-curricular studies for primary age children. I particularly like the timeline which grows alongside Old Knobbley - making the enormous age of the tree easier to grasp for children and adults alike. Countless themes are introduced throughout the book (from pollarding to charcoal making, food chains to industrialisation) all in an accessible and interesting way for children.

Bulk orders, signed copies and author contact

Email hello@oldknobbley.com if you'd like to contact Morag or order copies of the book for schools or every single one of your friends. If you would like a signed copy of the book (£10 plus postage and packing) or need the book quickly contact Morag to arrange payment and delivery.

Old Knobbley's Forest

Add your growing acorns to Old Knobbley's Forest.

Old Knobbley Fine Art Print

by Morag Embleton

Old Knobbley print in black and whiteLimited edition fine art print of a pencil sketch that almost looks like an etching. Approximately A3 in size. Available on Etsy.

Morag sketched Old Knobbley back in 2000 for a page this website, carefully filed the sketch away after scanning it in so that it could be uploaded to the site. Then in July 2014 received an email from a lady who had been proposed to under Old Knobbley! She wanted to present a print of the drawing to her husband at the wedding reception! There was no way Morag could refuse.

Friends loved the print too. So Morag said she would just print 250 of them. One set in black and white (as per the original drawing), one set in brown (as per the website). Each print is numbered and signed on the front.

Order on the Etsy website. To receive 5 off any Etsy order visit this page first for a discount code.

Hidden Trees of Britian

by Archie Miles

Old Knobbley appears on pages 102 and 103 of this beautiful hardback book!

Did you know that Britain has 80% of northern Europe's most ancient trees? This book is packed full of fascinating and generally unknown trees.

The book is about half text half photographs. A "coffee-table" kind of book great for any tree enthusiast.

Bear Grylls Great Outdoor Adventures: An Extreme Guide to the Best Outdoor Pursuits

by Bear Grylls

Old Knobbley gets a mention on page 64 of this book!

"Amongst the most famous [ancient oak trees] in the UK are the ..... and Old Knobbley in Essex"! ..."Old Knobbley is the only one of the four that can still be safely climbed".

Well, I woudn't really say that climbing Old Knobbley is an extreme adventure but getting down can prove a challenge to those that haven't climbed a tree in a while.

I wonder if Bear did actually visit ...

... I'd like to think he did have an extreme climb up Old Knobbley :)

The British Oak

by Archie Miles

Old Knobbley is on pages 64 and 65 of this book!

Another lovely book by Archie Miles this time concentrating on the English Oak. This time Archie has chosen his top 50 oaks and profiled them with photographs and history. Old Knobbley is Oak number 8!

He didn't stop there though the book holds a tonne of fascinating information about Oaks from their use in art and literature to folklore and architecture.

What's more this book is currently on sale at The Works * (Currently at 8.99!) a massive 74% discount!

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